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Online Invitations VS Printed Invitations

10 Reasons why you should use Online Wedding Invitations

Our world is changing at a staggering pace and technology has become our new best friend. We simply can not do life without it. It has broaden our horizons and at the same time shrunk our world; to talk to friends and family, even if they live in a different state or country is as easy as simply going online.

Why online invitations work better than printed invitations.
10 reasons to use online invitations

We have been using technology for ages to organize and simplify our life's. Now doesn't it make sense to use this friend to assist you when it comes to planning your big day?

What is a wedding without guests? Of course you want your friends and family to share this joyous occasion with you.

With My Wedding Online you can actually create a space where you involve your guests in every aspect of your wedding day, the moment they receive your invitation... did I just say invitation... yes! Send your wedding invitation online... just like that!

Let us give you 10 reasons why online wedding invitations just works better.

In the past we were all accustomed to receiving invitations in the mail or by hand. Some people do consider that hand-delivered invitations give you a chance to catch up with your family and friends, not realizing that when you start to plan your wedding you just don’t have enough time.

1) Save time and money For starters the costs is dramatically downsized. Printing a multitude of wedding invitations is quite expensive and so time consuming.

So let’s look at what it takes to create and send printed invitations:

Step 1: First you need to choose a design, then the designer needs to customize your invitation to fit your wedding theme and amount of information.

Step 2: On completion you need to drive to the printing company to see how your printed invitation looks. IF you are happy with the design and information, the invitations need to be send to the printing line and hopefully not back to the designers to fix any errors.

Step 3: Within a few days you now have to drive back to the printer to pick up your printed invitations.

Step 4: From there each one must be placed in an envelope with a stamp that needs to be taken to the post office where they are posted to your individual guests with your biggest worry being that they might get lost in the post.

Step 5: For the close friends and family you have to drive to each ones’ house or work to deliver their wedding invitation by hand.

Question is: How much time and money has been wasted?

With online wedding invitations, you do not have to worry or waste time with misprints or badly bundle cut invitations.

You can create your own wedding invitation, update your guest manager and invite your entire guest list to your wedding whilst having a coffee on your favorite comfy couch, in your pajamas, without leaving your home.

If you are unsatisfied with a small part you can just log back in and change what is needed and you will have your new improved version. Done

2) Unique and So much more Space You are unique, why should you not have a wedding invitation that is as unique as you are? With online wedding invitation you can create a design that fits not only your wedding theme but also your personality.

With loads more canvas space than printed invitations you can add and share so much more on your invite, taking your guests on your own amazing wedding journey.

3) Invite Guests from Far Away We all have that friend or family member that lives so far away that we only see them on special occasions. Sending them a printed invitation can be risky as it could get lost in the post.

They sometimes feel cut off from the rest of the friends and family.

Well, with your own wedding website, they will receive their wedding invitation on the same day as all the rest of your guests. They will also feel involved as they can interact on your wedding website and receive all your updates and information instantly.

With your wedding website, they have all the details they will need to arrive at your wedding without further calls to assure the destination, timeline, and events. With the GPS co-ordinates added to your invite, guests can just open your website on their smart device and click on the GPS button.

4) Express and Sure Delivery With online wedding invitations you have the certainty that all your guests will receive their wedding invitation at the same time as soon as you press send.

The best part is that you will be done by the time you’ve had your coffee. No more snail mail. No more lost invitations.

5) Informed Guests With online wedding invitations, you can give you guests more than adequate information. You do not have to use short one-liners to convey all the necessary info as with printed invitations.

You can share so much more;

● Your love story or the big question everyone always asks “How he proposed”

● All your wedding details

● Nearby accommodation with GPS co-ordinates

● Personalized photo gallery

● Your own Gift registry page

● Personalized Blog to update your quests

● Introduce your wedding party

● Your wedding menu and program & so much more

Your guests will be well informed plus they will not have to call you constantly for more information.

6) Keep in Touch with Your Guests Online wedding invitation allow you to keep in touch with your guests. With My Wedding Online you can communicate with your guests from your wedding dashboard.

You can send them personalized emails or custom text messages, all from the comfort of your wedding website. Guests can also interact with your wedding invitation which gives your invite a fun and playful twist.

7) It is absolutely Eco-friendly An estimate 4 billion trees are cut down every year to make paper. By using online wedding invitation you are playing your part in the conservation of our forests.

8) There are NO Surprises

You are in control of your wedding invitation, thus minimizing any nasty surprises. a Luxury you do not have with printed wedding invitations.

If there are grammar mistakes that you've overlooked, misspelled names or wrong information you can fix it in a blink of an eye.

9) Guest planning and Automatic RSVP confirmation Planning your guest list has just become much easier. With your own wedding website you can use features like My Wedding Online’s Guest management system.

With this system you can add your guest details and allocate specific instructions, like “plus one allowed". Your entire guest list will then be automatically linked up with the RSVP function.

Question, so how do guests RSVP online?

Step 1) Guests will be invited to your website via email or text message.

Step 2) Each guest can then enter their name on the RSVP page.

Step 3) If they are on the guest list their name will appear which will allow them to confirm their attendance. They can also add special requests and if a plus one is allowed add their information to their RSVP.

You can at any time draw reports on who has already RSVP’d, plus one information, special requests and much more.

10) It is Trendy It is the way of the future, the next big thing. As much as we have found things to have been weird or different at one point, we now accept and find them to be very normal and we don’t even remember thinking otherwise. It is interactive and informative and allows your guests to go beyond a regular printed invitation.


We spend enough time online socializing to realize that this is the future. It is just a matter of time, before it becomes a go-to solution. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration from the environment, keeping up with the trends, and not to mention the time-saving element. Online wedding invitations allow you to share your wedding journey in a much more personal and intimate way than ever before. Welcome to the future.

For more information check out this video:

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