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Wedding Website Features

Create your Save the Date reminder and Wedding Invitation Website with no advertisements. Enjoy an ad-free website.


Unleash your creativity with our digital wedding invitation website, where visionary design meets personal expression. Craft an invitation that mirrors your unique love story, choosing from an array of artistic templates and expressive fonts. Innovate and inspire asyou personalize your design, ensuring each detail reflects the beauty and uniqueness of your upcoming celebration


Craft your unique Save the Date website months ahead of your special day, setting a canvas for your creativity. When the time is right, effortlessly edit your digital invitation into a comprehensive Wedding Invitation Website. Expand with additional pages and diverse designs, enriching your narrative without additional cost. Utilize it for both your save-the-date and full wedding invitation needs, and let your love story unfold with imaginative elegance.




Efficiently manage your wedding planning challenges with our Online Wedding Guest Manager. This powerful tool handles all your guest invitations, statuses, RSVPs, special requests, and contact details from one easy-to-use platform. Empower yourself to streamline every detail, ensuring no guest is overlooked and every need is met with confidence and ease. Make your big day legendary.


Manage your finances with ease using our online Budget Planner. This simple, user-friendly tool helps you monitor your spending, ensuring that you can focus on the joy of planning your event without any financial worries. It's a straightforward way to keep your budget in check, allowing you to make the most of every dollar with peace and clarity.

Plan and Guest



Experience the simplicity of online RSVP and guest management, designed to bring ease and joy to your special day. Guests can RSVP with just two clicks on your website, and even add personal messages like food allergies or special requests. Set up your guest list effortlessly and enjoy easy filtering and flagging. Get comprehensive attendance summaries and full RSVP reports. Plus, export lists for printing. A truly effortless way to organize.



Elevate your guest communication with a touch of innovation from your very own wedding invitation website. Craft your message, choose recipients from your guest list, and send it effortlessly via Smart SMS or email. Extend invitations, send reminders, share updates, or convey personal notes and gratitude. Each sent message is confirmed with an SMS delivery report, ensuring your creative touch reaches every guest



This single page serves as a repository of essential information for your wedding day, guiding guests through crucial details. It features thoughtful descriptions and photographs of the venue, the scheduled time, and the address. Delve into the type of venue, access maps, and explore contact details. Additional insights include nearby accommodations, critical notes, menu descriptions, and visual previews of the culinary delights that await



Discover the charm of simplicity with our digital wedding checklist. This friendly tool guides you gently through each step of your wedding planning process, ensuring nothing is overlooked. From venue bookings to dress fittings, our checklist brings peace of mind, making sure you’re perfectly prepared for your big day, all while keeping the process delightful and stress-free.

Wed Detials an Check



Craft your personalized digital wedding invitations in any language with our innovative platform. This tool empowers you to communicate effortlessly with your guests, ensuring they feel connected and informed. Customize your design to match your unique style, and manage your event details seamlessly, making every interaction with your guests meaningful and clear.



Imagine a page crafted as a canvas for your gift dreams. Here, inform guests of your desires with detailed descriptions and vivid photos. Each gift is linked to its purchase site, weaving convenience with creativity. This page is not just functional; it's a gallery showcasing the treasures that will help start your new life in style.

Gift an Lang


For the Guests convenience they can visit your website with their smart phone, open up the directions page, click on the Google map link and follow their smart phone GPS to your Wedding Venue form anywhere in the country, No more lost directions or guests.



Unleash your creativity by curating your own photo gallery, a perfect canvas for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Transform moments into masterpieces, each snapshot a testament to your love story. Let this gallery be the backdrop where your journey to forever begins, artistically showcasing the essence of your union. Celebrate your narrative in every frame, turning memories into art.

Maps Photo



Empower your wedding guests by providing a comprehensive list of nearby accommodations. This heroic resource simplifies their planning, offering descriptions, addresses, pricing, and contact details for each option. By facilitating their stay, you remove one less worry, ensuring they can focus on celebrating your special day. Step up and make their experience as seamless as possible.



Cherish the romance of your wedding day and honeymoon by sharing those intimate moments with your loved ones. Opt for a package that extends a few months post-celebration, and fill your Photo Box with cherished images. A simple SMS to your guests unveils these treasures, allowing you to spread the joy and love of your special journey with friends and family. Embrace this beautiful continuation of your love story.

Guest Accommodation



Master the digital landscape with our fully responsive wedding invitations. Engineered for excellence across all devices, our design adapts seamlessly, ensuring every guest receives your call to celebrate with flawless clarity. Our invitations provide a smooth experience, whether viewed on a phone, tablet, or computer, enhancing your event with undeniable accessibility



Introduce your wedding party with depth and insight on your special page. Upload thoughtful portraits of your bridesmaids, best men, siblings, and parents, allowing guests to connect with the key figures in your celebration. This thoughtful presentation fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of those who play pivotal roles on your significant day.

Device and Wed Paty

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